Monday, August 25, 2008

9th Place!

We ran our hearts out all night long through the Oregon back country and finished a tremendous 9th place overall!

And now, my top 9 memories of Hood to Coast 2008:

9) Finishing 30 minutes ahead of our target.
8) Finishing my last leg. So glad the pain was over and the binge eating could begin.
7) Fearing for a little bird's life as it tried to eat two whole goldfish at a time.
6) Eddie's exclamation that he had 86 kills on one of his legs. (I'm not sure what shocked me more, the number of kills, or that he actually kept count.)
5) The ginormous beach party in Seaside, Oregon.
4) Clearing out the van when the effects of flax seed oil peanut butter came to a culmination.
3) Fearing for our lives while riding in the Death Van. (Note: The "Death Van" attribution is referring to the van itself, not our highly skilled driver, Kerry. Please reference Eddie's post for further details.)
2) Welcoming rookies to the insane relay experience.
1) Seeing the team back together again.

Until next time... radio silence.

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